It's 1895. Sent from a distant planet, our hero is disguised as a Victorian automaton, his mission is to help steal Earth's resources. But when he crash lands, his evil masters are furious. While struggling to make amends, he is smitten by the beauty of Earth, and his heart tells him he must defy his masters and save the planet he has come to love.

RUMMAGE is a full-length feature film but as part of the pitching process to production companies, I'm working on a short version that is do-able as a solo project. Here's some feedback from pitches so far...
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BELOW: Rummage converts the Old Grammar School Belltower into a flying machine. Here's it's first take off.

BELOW: Rummage comes from a planet called TWINHEEDA. It's hot, dry and barren. Polluted by it's industry of manufacturing magical crystals. These crystals give Rummage his "aliveness". Please see the "Latest news/Blog" page for more characters from this planet.

In case you were wondering... TWINHEEDA is an anagram of "Edna White", my mum, who sadly passed away recently. Mum was always so supportive and she always wanted to see the completed film, but we both knew deep down it would never happen (she was 98). I'll carry on for you mum.

BELOW: Rummage has made a friend, TOM, a disabled orphan boy. But thanks to the crystals, he doesn't need his crutch anymore and can get around just fine. He and Dottee make their escape from the space tanker. A quick 5-second clip... don't blink!

BELOW: The Grammar School classroom where Rummage is mistreated by the pupils.

BELOW: Another old clip showing "Upstart" arriving on Earth.The story has changed since then.




BELOW: The original version of the Belltower taking off.






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