A downtrodden and bullied robot is sent to Earth as part of a plan that will cause devastation to our planet. A successful mission will solve all his problems, but when he discovers the beauty of Earth, he’s thrown off course into a nail-biting adventure, following his heart to save new friends and win true love.


RUMMAGE is intended to be a full-length feature film, I have a 95-page script completed for it. I'm also working on a short version that is do-able as a solo project which will include narration to cut down on animation time

Below are some mock ups of some ideas for possible books...



Follow Rummage's adventures exploring Earth, where he discovers the "Fantastic Inventions" that have shaped our history.

This era gave rise to a multitude of ingenius innovations that we still use in daily life today.

Rummage, (being the inquisitive type) finds out how these things were invented, developed and how they work. Things such as:

The Telephone
The Internal Combustion Engine
The first Aeroplanes
Mass Production
The Underground Railway
First Bicycles
Motion Pictures
Post Boxes/Stamps
Medical Discoveries
Sewing Machines
Petroleum Products
.... and many, many more!




Time travel with the Orbots into a "Fantastic Future!"

Enter the world of the ORBOTS: where DOTTEE, DREK, GLOBUS, THE GRAND ARKON, and all the guards and worker Orbots are using technology we'll be using in the future.

Learn about:

Futuristic Buildings/Cities
Hypersonic Travel
Life on other planets
Quantum Computers
Artificial Intelligence
The James Webb Telescope
Galaxies/Black Holes
The Metaverse
Plus many more emerging Technologies!


An adventure book to accompany the film could look something like this... (but the film will not now be in the form of a DVD!)

Inside the book, apart from the illustrated story of Rummage, there will be educational sections, puzzles and other features.

Limited edition signed & numbered postcards, greeting cards and wall posters using original artwork from the film are also planned. Details will be posted on the website as they become available.
Any local support in these early stages will be much appreciated, even if it's just an encouraging email or spreading the word by sharing this website.

The commercial side of my business is called Global Animation where I specialise in technical, training and explainer videos along with promotional work. I welcome any enquiries. "Rummage" is completely funded by my commercial work so continued business is vital to the project. Please email Global Animation here if you have any CGI animation requirements for your business. (Trust me, these days, you have!)

If any local businesses are interested in advertising on this website or in placing their products (Victorian versions that is!) in the actual films or book, please get in touch to discuss.