This humorous, yet touching story, tells of a futuristic robot who finds himself trapped in a primitive Victorian world.

A bullied and withdrawn Victorian automaton is forced out of lonely isolation by the intrusion of an alien visitor, who needs his help to catch a dangerous criminal and avoid an explosion that will destroy the whole town before it's too late.




UPSTART & RUMMAGE is intended to be a full-length feature film, but it could possibly be available initially as a special limited edition package comprising of a 32 page illustrated childrens book with a short film included. Each copy will be numbered and individually signed. This first batch of books and discs will be the only copies to have references to Market Harborough before general distribution to a wider audience.

A preliminary rough design for the cover is shown below. The working title "Flight of the Belltower" will be changed.

Inside the book, apart from the illustrated story of Upstart & Rummage, there will be educational sections, puzzles and other features that children will love. The story is currently being transformed into verse for the book by published author Gillian Ansell.

Limited edition signed & numbered postcards, greeting cards and wall posters using original artwork from the film are also planned. Details will be posted on the website as they become available.
Any local support in these early stages will be much appreciated, even if it's just an encouraging email or spreading the word by sharing this website to your friends (Just click on a share button on the home page)

A part of the story is where Upstart & Rummage face an impending disaster and their only chance is to get away from the centre of the town.... quickly. The problem is, they have to take stuff with them that is impossible to carry on foot. Rummage (with his rummaging expertise) comes to the rescue by converting his home into a flying machine. Simple really. Here's a secret peek at his design (below) .... which proved to be a great solution! To see a small part of this sequence of the Belltower flying click here


A shape slowly emerged from the darkness, barely recognisable from the cluttered background, into which he merged seamlessly. It was RUMMAGE, a primitive Victorian automaton who was made from the very things that surrounded him. "W..w.. what in the cosmos are you"? asked the dazed space traveller.



The commercial side of my business is called Global Animation where I specialise in technical, training and explainer videos along with promotional work and the development of company "spokescreatures" & mascots and I welcome any enquiries. Upstart & Rummage is completely funded by my commercial work so continued business is vital to the project. Please email Global Animation here if you have any CGI animation requirements for your business. (Trust me, these days, you have!)

If any local businesses are interested in advertising on this website or in placing their products (Victorian versions that is!) in the actual films or book, please get in touch to discuss rates.

There's a fascinating little piece of history about Market Harborough that only a handful of people are aware of.
This well-kept secret lies right in the centre of town just yards from the hustle and bustle of shoppers and passing traffic.
Everyone is familiar with the stilted Tudor building known as the Old Grammar School, but few know anything about anyone ever living there.
Perched at the top of this proud building sits the old bell tower, and it is here that became a home for a very peculiar Victorian occupant. His name was "Rummage" but he was no ordinary person… well nothing like you and I would call ordinary. Rummage, you see, was made of metal…. a finely crafted Victorian automaton powered by clockwork and steam.
Escaping from his maker, Rummage found sanctuary in the bell tower, high above the humans below, who, for over a hundred years, had no idea he was there at all.
Rummage would continuously fix any problems that arose in his mechanical body, in fact that's how he got his name; he would collect and rummage through all the bits and pieces that he surrounded himself with in his constant labour of self-repair.
But the story doesn't end there.
One day a rather unusual and unexpected visitor called "Upstart" discovered Rummage and his secret home. He didn't tell anyone about what he had found, in fact to start with, he didn't care much for the place and just wanted to leave. But as it turned out, from that day on, the two shared the bell tower together. It is said that they had many adventures while keeping out of the way of unsuspecting humans.
Sometimes when I pass the Old Grammar School and look up to the bell tower perched on the top, I'm sure I catch a glimpse of something moving up there.
I wonder, could Upstart and Rummage still be there to this very day?