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Here's where you can find all the up-to-date news about the film. If you'd like to comment on, or ask any questions about anything, please don't hesitate to email me at gray@globalanimation.co.uk. It would be lovely to hear from you.

The film blends the Victorian era on Earth with a distant planet called Twinheeda, giving a wide scope for a family adventure yarn.

I've been playing around with Stereoscopic 3D; it's opened up a whole new world for me and definitely gives the film an extra Wow-factor. There are a couple of clips below to give you a rough idea of what it entails, but unfortunately, you need stereoscopic viewing glasses to see them in 3D, so they're not much practical use here. I'm told that some people can get the effect by staring at the two clips and blurring their eyes; you can play the clips full-screen to give it a try, but don't blame me if you go cross-eyed!

If you'd like a VIEWER to see them properly, and get into all the many 3D worlds online, BRIAN MAY has designed one (below). You can get it HERE and Brian explains how much fun you can have with one.

I'm busy working on a ''Rummage 3D phone viewer'' of my own, to include in my presentation box that I post out to potential producers and film development execs. It'll put them right inside the action!

Below is a test clip of Rummage & Dottee talking.

Below is Rummage's Christmas Film to thank all the people of Market Harborough for all their support. Merry Christmas!!

Twinheeda is populated by "ORBOTS," a civilization of spherical robots. This little cutie is called DOTTEE. Spoiler alert: She gets very friendly with our Rummage!

This Orbot (below) is called GLOBUS, ... not to be messed with.

Below: A still pic of DREK, Globus's partner in crime.


There are more ORBOTS to add... WORKER and GUARD Orbots.

Here's a quick test clip of the Orbot's space tanker that they use to come to Earth to steal our water. The script now includes the consequences of environmental issues such as global warming, pollution, etc. Topics that highlight the current situation in an understandable way for kids.

Below: A still shot of Globus in the tanker ship

GLOBUS in tanker

Recently spent some time completely re-designing Rummage. He's been quite difficult to animate due to the way I designed him; he was very clunky and stiff looking, and it also took forever to move the rig when animating. So I've now made him much more articulate, which will improve his movement big time, and the new rig will now accept motion capture files.

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