You know, theres a saying about Hollywood... "It's the place where you go to die of encourangement". Well, with that firmly in mind, I thought I'd share some feedback on Rummage .......


This movie should absolutely be made. It is original and fun, and allows for great characters and character development. The setting is interesting (Victorian England) and the whole concept of robots in Victorian England can make for great "Fish out of Water" elements to complement the main story. MARKS: 35 out of 35.
F. Miguel Valenti.
F. Miguel Valenti is a veteran producer of over 20 films. His expertise lies in films $1MM and under and his most recent film, CAR DOGS, starred Oscar-winner Octavia Spencer and George Lopez. He produced MONEY KINGS for Lionsgate and LOST SKELETON OF CADAVRA for Sony and projects for Barbara Streisand's Barwood Films.


I must say, I don't have anything negative to say about this project. I think its stunningly beautiful, first off- you're an amazing animator. I watched several of those proof of concept videos, and I was glued to them. I love the world, I love the characters and I think the story is sweet and inspiring. I would totally bring this on, I'm just not someone who can help with animation... keep going though, because I know this project is going to be seen on the big screen very very soon! I truly am so impressed. MARKS: 35 out of 35.
Rachel Paulson
Rachel Paulson has grown up in a family of Hollywood royalty. She and her sisters, Emmy-winner Sarah Paulson (AMERICAN CRIME STORY, OCEAN'S 8) and Liz Paulson (SVP of Casting for FOX) have worked together for decades to learn every aspect of the entertainment with much success. 
Rachel is the star of the series "DATING ZOE", the host of the video series Drink Responsibly with Rachel Paulson, and the co-host of the podcast Gay vs. Straight Bitches with One Tree Hill alum, Lindsey McKeon. She stars as the lead "Kate" in the LGBTQ drama film GOOD KISSER on Hulu. 


This is an incredibly impressive pitch. It's so organized and detailed to perfection. It was so easy to follow what your idea is, and your animation skills and graphic design is even more impressive. The story is really cool and unique. And the trailer to your movie really proves that. It felt nostalgic and fresh. You have a really clear vision for the journey, and that is reflective in your pitch. Unfortunately, right now Paramount Plus is not looking at animated features. If we were I'd be all over this, but I'm sure it will find a home somewhere. Keep up the good work!
Paramount Plus Executive
This Executive works in the Originals Content Development division of the recently launched Paramount Plus. He has worked on series including THE GOOD FIGHT, THE TWILIGHT ZONE, STAR TREK: DISCOVERY, GUILTY PARTY, and WHY WOMEN KILL, among many others.
This executive have been at CBS Studios for the last three years. Prior to this, he was at WME for two years, working directly with the heads of TV and Talent.


Wow! This pitch blew me away. The illustrations you presented at the top of this page really caught my attention. You're clearly talented with a lot of experience in this field and being able to get through to children is one of the hardest things to do in this industry. I would highly recommend continuing to knock on doors with this project – unfortunately, Universal is fully tied up with the despicable me franchise for the next few years. I wish you the best on this and I'm excited to watch this in theaters!
Robbie Combs
Robbie Combs is the Feature and TV Development Executive at Captivate Entertainment, the Universal-based production company behind the JASON BOURNE-franchise, including the spin-off series "TREADSTONE" on USA Network. Captivate Entertainment is an American film production company, founded in 2009. It has a first-look deal with Universal Pictures and it is based on the Universal Studios Backlot in Universal City, California.


This is a WONDERFUL way to present your pitch. It's clear, concise, visually engaging, and flows incredibly well. Just a fantastic job all around! I really like it! I'm passing along your official website to my Head of Development. The ball is in her hands now!
Jonathan Barkan
Jonathan Barkan is the Head of Acquisitions, Head of Filmmaker Relations, and Development Director for Distribution Company and International Sales Agent, Mutiny Pictures. He has also served as a jury member at various film festivals around the world, including BIFAN in South Korea, Popcorn Frights in Florida, HARD:LINE in Germany, South by Southwest (SXSW) in Austin, and Fantasia in Quebec, amongst others. He has been featured on sites such as Rotten Tomatoes, WatchMojo, Atom Tickets, Phantastiqa, ComingSoon.Net, Shudder’s weekly newsletter The Bite, and more.


This is excellent all around. The animation is incredible as well as the themes and characters and storyline. I love how you set up the world and the journey. I also think the idea of a children's book with a companion short would be fantastic to build an audience for it. Would love to read the script.  MARKS: 35 out of 35.
Alexia Melocci
Alexia Melocchi is a partner in Little Studio Films and for over two decades has produced and sold award winning movies, documentaries and shorts, often partnering with emerging film makers she has personally discovered and mentored.
Her clients have bought and partially financed films such as LA LA LAND, PEPPERMINT, and THE BOY. Amongst her personal producing credits are the DURAN DURAN documentary directed by David Lynch.
She is fluent in five languages, a personal asset that has allowed her to be involved in the financing and distribution of movies that have earned near $1 Billion dollars in box office returns worldwide.

Great pitch! I love the concept and your images really help in bringing your story to life. I'd be happy to set a time to discuss the project and see who I may know that could potentially assist in bringing this to fruition.
David Harris.
David Harris is a leading independent producer at Harris Films. David worked in development at Platinum Studios and Paramount Pictures. In 2017, he produced the $15m thriller Security with Nu Image / Millennium Films, which starred Antonio Banderas and Ben Kingsley.


This is an incredibly well written pitch. The image at the top of it also really helps the reader to imagine what's happening in the story. I really think there is something strong here and would love to see more material.
Blake Reading.
Blake Reading is a manager and producer serving as the VP of Talent at TheMachine as well as a co-founder/principle executive at Cake Studios. TheMachine is a full service management and production company which specializes in digital entertainment, including feature film and short-form streaming content, as well as premium streaming content. Client credits include projects for Sony Pictures, Netflix, National Geographic, Facebook, Go90, and more.


Wow. What imagination. A lot happens, two whole worlds to animate. Almost could be a series. The steampunk genre is a great one to set your story in. Especially counterposed against a dying alien planet. The mix of steampunk and future tech is very original. Rummage is a great character; does remind one of Wall-E, but that's a good thing. Okay, your videos just blew me away. What beautiful design and animation. I hope you're able to get this to the right people. We need more animation like this; too many cute talking animals. You have put tons of hard work into it. I recommend making a short - with a narrative structure - and submitting it to festivals and for an Oscar. You might really gain some momentum. MARKS: 35 out of 35.  
Jonathan Heap 
Jonathan Heap is an Academy Award-nominated Director, writer and producer with a dozen feature films, shorts and TV projects to his name. His first film was BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT starring Donald Sutherland for Miramax. He followed that up with five more features including the award winning horror film now playing on Amazon and Tubi. He also developed a project for Warner Bros. and Sydney Pollack which later became the Coen Brothers film SUBURBICON, which was directed by George Clooney.


I love animation and even have a background in it myself. I also love the world you have created. The character models are great. Certainly want to chat more and learn about this project. Well done, and I'm looking forward to speaking with you.
Phil Claroni
Phil Claroni is an Executive Producer at Story House Productions. With offices in Washington D.C., Berlin, and Munich, STORY HOUSE Productions uniquely connects the world’s two largest television markets in the world – the United States and Germany.
They have produced content for Discovery, National Geographic, PBS, CBC, Channel 4, BBC, Smithsonian Channel, NHK, Spiegel TV, ZDF, ProSieben, and RTL. As Story House Productions continues to deliver high-quality and entertaining storytelling to audiences all around the world.


Hey Graham! Really great work on this pitch from the layout to the writing to the animation. It is clear you put a lot of work into this and the storyline was very clear and still riveting with great character arch's which we love to see. We don't typically get into family animated films but would love to take a look at that link as its a path we may cross in the future. Feel free to email me so we can discuss further. Great work!
Carla Westlund
Carla Westlund is a producer and co-founder of the production company Cake Studios along with established producer, Blake Reading. Cake Studios currently have several projects in development. They don’t discriminate on topic and their projects span a wide variety of genres from a controversial docuseries to a $20m financed highly entertaining action/thriller. Her goal is to push the envelope for an undercurrent of content that she believes can really change lives and perspectives.


Rummage is a very strong pitch. The animation looks great and the world of the story is charming and appealing. The protagonist has a classic arc and the story seems satisfying. Generally an attractive package. I would be happy to recommend. I will pass the pitch along to my boss and if he wants to read I will be in touch. All the best, Tom
Thomas Pemberton
Thomas Pemberton is the Development Executive at Mind's Eye Entertainment under producer Kevin DeWalt.
Previously, Thomas worked on Recall with Wesley SnipesHumanity Bureau with Oscar-winner Nicholas Cage, Distorted with Christina Ricci and John CusackDaughter of the Wolf with Oscar-winner Richard Dreyfus, Score to Settle again with Nicholas Cage, and a YA series based on the best selling books called AVALON.
Minds Eye Entertainment has produced over 60 feature film and television projects. The company has produced over $400 million in production and has garnered over 50 national and international awards.


I love the writer's passion! I love the fact the writer is following his heart! AND I love this whole story and idea! This is a WONDERFUL project with a great message! To me it has it all! The characters that I see in the presentation are top notch! This is a movie that I want to see! Such a positive message for a time when we need one. I wish the writer all the best. Do not compromise! Get it done right! It's terrific! I'm honored to have read the treatment! I think you have a winner here and your background in animation is a huge plus. MARKS: 35 out of 35.
Brad Wilson
Brad Wilson the Co-founder of Higher Purpose Entertainment (HPE), a production company dedicated to telling stories in film and TV that encompass truth of character and strive to embrace inspirationally redeeming qualities. While at HPE he's produced a number of films including THREE BLIND SAINTS, CHRISTMAS ON SALVATION STREET, MY MANY SONS, THE MEANEST MAN IN TEXAS, and THE RESURRECTION OF GAVIN STONE, which was released last year in 1,100 theaters across the country.


Hi Graham, This is an excellent pitch, and your animation is really top notch, really creative. You've done so much work on this, I really want you to find your home. I'm happy to talk to you further. We do however have a project that would be animation and I'd like to reach out to talk to you about that, as I think your work is really good. Requesting to have a call. Talk soon.
Aimee Schoof
Aimee Schoof is a feature film producer and the co-founder of Intrinsic Value Films with Isen Robbins. She has produced more than 35 feature films. Of those, 10 have premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, 4 at the Tribeca Film Festival, 3 at SXSW, and one each at LA Film Festival, Toronto, Venice, New York FF, New Directors/New Films, and Berlinale.
She has expanded into television and currently has a slate of scripted and unscripted projects and feature films in all phases of production. Aimee is a partner in comic book publishing company Red Giant Entertainment, developing comic book properties for film and TV.


Very original and exciting presentation. Excellent setup and walk-through of this world and remarkable use of details to tell your story. Powerful storyline and character portrayal throughout. I think you really have a remarkable product here. Animation is something we haven't tried yet but this is very good. Clear and concise and I can almost feel the emotions. Charles Fuller
Charles Fuller is the Senior Director of Programming for ICTelevision, a brand new streaming service that Scripted Series, Feature Films, Short Films, Limited Series, Talk Shows, Reality Television, Sports and Documentaries.  As Senior Director of Programming, Charles looks for completed projects of all genres and formats to be acquired by the platform. Charles scouts for screenplays and projects in various stages of production for the platform. 


The animation on this project is really beautiful. Each character is intricately made. The protagonist, although a robot, is so likable just as WALL-E was to its audience. This seems like a heartwarming story. Would love to see more of this world and the characters.
Matthew G.
Matthew G. is a Producer. He is a former Development Executive at Davis Entertainment. During his time there he worked on various films, including "GAME NIGHT",  “DOLEMITE IS MY NAME” with Eddie Murphy, which was released on Netflix last year to rave reviews. The upcoming film he worked on was “JUNGLE CRUISE” stars Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt and is being released by Walt Disney Studios in Summer 2021.


The website and pitch are really well put together. I can only imagine the man-hours into animating the proof of concept/trailer. The steam punk setting in England at this time is an interesting one to pick for the sake of world building doomsday AI type settings. It has Pixar written all over it but as it's presented can make for a TV family episodic Cartoon Network show. The presentation of the idea is beautiful.
David Tilson

David Tilson is a Development Executive at NV Films which has a First Look development and production deal with Amazon Studios. The company has produced over 200 seasons of television programming equating to thousands of hours of original content, which have been broadcast and streamed in over 200 countries around the world. NV has offices in Cape Town, London & Los Angeles.

This was a good pitch and I really loved that the writer provided visual references with actual proof of concept animation. I think this will get picked up, we just don't have the bandwidth to take on an ambitious project like this at this time.
Ariel Bleiberg
Ariel Bleiberg is a Producer, Development and Sales Coordinator at  the international foreign sales company Compound B, currently in post-production on MASQUERADE with Bella Thorne, OVERRUN with Oscar-nominee Bruce Dern, and THE ACCURSED with Izabela Vidovic.
Prior to joining Compound B, Ariel was at Sony Pictures Classics, the international sales division of Sony Pictures.
As a representative of Compound B, Ariel pre-sells feature screenplays at markets such as Cannes, Venice, Toronto Film Festival and more.

I really like how you set up of the pitch and how you talk about the inspiration behind the film. The format is great and think this is s a solid pitch. It's an original concept and a beautiful story.
Mike Diaz
Mike Diaz in an accomplished Manager and Producer at The Coronel Group with 10 years of experience representing Actors, Writers, and Directors. 
The company manages both emerging talent as well as A-List Actors including Alan Tudyk (Disney Animated Films), Adan Gillen ("GAME OF THRONES"), and Robert Patrick (TERMINATORFranchise). Mike focusses on project development for Coronel Group's Writers and Directors. 

Such a unique and original concept! The world and characters you've described are unlike anything I've ever seen before, and I'd be really excited to see an animated film like this. Such a lovely script, I think it has a lot of potential.
Aaron Daniel Jacob
Aaron Daniel Jacob is the Script Coordinator at the animation studio Bento Box Entertainment on several of their animation shows including PARADISE PD on Netflix, DUNCANVILLE from Amy Poehler at Fox, HOOPS for Netflix, BOB'S BURGERS, and an upcoming UNTITLED Apple TV+ animated series!
 Previously, Aaron was worked in creative development at Original Force 3D Animation working on their first animated feature, as well as Disney TV Animation. In addition, Aaron optioned a war fantasy feature screenplay in 2017, and is currently developing several other feature and television work for both live-action and animation.


Great pitch! You are clearly passionate about the material and describe your film in a clear and exciting way. Well done! The concept sounds entirely original and well thought out. Animation is tough and isn't what I'm looking for, but this sounds so cool! I really hope to see it made. Really great pitch and good luck.
Michael Ewing
Michael Ewing is currently the Creative Executive at AGC Studios where he sources new projects for the company while also supporting the Chairman and CEO. 
Before AGC, Michael was the Director of Development & Production at The Wolper Organization, a production company based at Warner Bros, where for four years he was involved in developing multiple scripted and unscripted series for Amazon, Netflix, FX, Awesomeness, Crackle, History Channel, and Propagate Content


This is a great pitch. I know a little about animation (not much, but a little!) and I thought your visual presentation was really well done. Thank you for sharing this wonderful story. In addition to the comps you named, it reminded me a little of ROBOTS. To be honest, the story is pretty airtight. This is clearly a passion project for you - I don't have a lot of notes. I think it's a great story. Emotional, fun, uplifting and perfect for co-viewing.
Kaleb Tuttle
Kaleb Tuttle is the Director of Development for Brillstein Creative Partners (formerly Brillstein-Grey Entertainment) supervising all production and development for the company. 
Kaleb began his career at Paramount Pictures working directly for the Chairman and CEO of the studio. He then moved to Paramount Television working for the President and Senior Vice President of the television group. There, he worked on hit series including 13 REASONS WHY for Netflix and DEFENDING JACOB with Chris Evans for Apple+.


There was a great animated link provided, which helped to visualize this story. The premise feels timely and should appeal to a wide four quadrant audience. The pitch was concise and easy to follow in a three act structure. Good comps were given to establish tone. I'd recommend reaching out to production companies who develop these stories as the pitch was excellent.
Christian Taylor
Christian Taylor is a producer and founder of Taylor Lane Productions.
Recent credits include the supernatural thriller DREAMKATCHER for Lionsgate, starring Radha Mitchell, Henry Thomas and Lin Shaye, MEASURE OF A MAN for Lionsgate starring Donald Sutherland, Judy Greer, Luke Wilson, Blake Cooper and Liana Liberato and HICK with Phase 4 Films, starring Chloe Grace Moretz, Academy Award winner Eddie Redmayne, Blake Lively, Alec Baldwin and Juliette Lewis.


A really great pitch, story, and pitch document. I think the animation world needs new stories. The story feels genuine, heartwarming, and very easy to follow. Certainly in the children's space. MARKS: 35 out of 35
Carli Haney
Carli Haney is a producer who has worked in Film and TV development for the last eight years as a Creative Executive and Director of Development. Most recently, Carli ran feature and television development for Kevin Hart at Hartbeat Productions. In addition Carli has worked with A-list companies and industry-leading talent including Jennifer Lopez at Jennifer Lopez Enterprises and an A-list production and finance company with a deal at Warner Bros


"Upstart and Rummage" is a Pixar-ready animated film that has a great relationship at its core -I absolutely love the dynamic that you have set up for them. It's a classic underdog narrative that will be an instant success with families (and adults too).
Liam Oznowich
Liam Oznowich works in the writer's room of the upcoming HBO Max series "The Flight Attendant," starring and produced by Kaley Cuoco. Previously, Liam worked on the literary side at A3 Artists Agency, and in development at Paramount Television, Mandeville Films and Zero Gravity Management.


Wow! This looks amazing Graham. Your pitch document is really well put together. You've done a lot of work. The passion is there for sure. Just offer it to someone a little bit at a time and start pitching animation houses. Michael
Michael Collins
Michael is an Independent Creative Producer whose credits include the documentary Split Decision, The Story of Cuban Boxer Guillermo Rigondeaux as well as the festival award winning indie film The Orchard. He is in development on a traditional crime drama titled VANCOUVER with Executive Producer Karen Wentzel (DIGGSTOWN). As well as the feature film THE SKELETON TREE in association with 87North Productions the production company of Billion Dollar Director David Leitch. Prior to transitioning into Creative Producing, Michael had 20 years experience as an Assistant Director in the Vancouver film industry working on projects such as UNDERWORLD 2&3, DEADPOOL 1&2, FIFTY SHADES OF GREY 2&3, as well as THE AGE OF ADELINE. 

There are plenty of robot animation movies, but the Steampunk vs. FutureSleek take is refreshingly original. Explosives, intergalactic criminals, sadistic swingball-playing kids tearing apart robots, it's all awesome!
Christian Sander
Christian Sander serves as Director of Development for Pensé Productions, maintaining industry relations with emerging talent. Prior to Pense Production, Christian worked in development for Neal Moritz, producer of the Fast and the Furious franchise, and for prolific film and TV producer Jerry Bruckheimer.  He also worked in Sony Pictures across several divisions including film production, digital marketing, publicity, and international television divisions before joining Pensé.


Hi Graham, Thank you for sending over your pitch for RUMMAGE. I thought this was a wildly imaginative and fun story with intricate characters and a positive message. The world seems to be very well thought out and based on your experience as an animator, you will absolutely be able to bring these characters and story to life. Keep up the good work! Best, Drew.
Drew Gatto.

Drew Gatto is the Film & TV Development Coordinator at Captivate Entertainment with almost 10 years of experience in several different facets of the entertainment industry. Captivate Entertainment is a production company behind the enormously popular JASON BOURNE franchise, which has grossed over a billion dollars worldwide. At Captivate, Drew works closely with executives across the industry to source strong material and secure IP rights for projects in development.

Graham, I think this is a charming and very meaningful story. You did a solid job laying out the characters internal and external journeys, and describing in short what is it that the audience should relate to and care about. Plot and theme work in tandem and I think you achieved that with clarity.
Sissy Denkova
Sissy Denkova was previously a Development Executive at Gidden Media, a content incubator production company, focused on developing emotionally compelling stories that resonate with wide audiences. She's worked on films such as BRIAN BANKS starring Aldis Hodge, Morgan Freeman, and Sheri Shepherd, and scripts such as THE APPRENTICE to be directed by Ali Abbasi, written by Gabriel Sherman, SARGE, the story behind the life of NBA player and Air Force vet Bernard James, and the TV Series GHOST BOYS, to be produced with 50 Cent's G-Unit. Currently, Sissy is working as a script consultant and preparing her directorial feature debut titled THE SCENT OF LINDEN, a Bulgarian-American dark comedy about comradery.

Rummage. The Flight of the Belltower sounds like a fun animated series. Your pitch materials are well done and the graphic on the front is amazing, you are a talented illustrator. The story is fun and I can see where this could be on Nickelodeon, Disney or Netflix; where children could enjoy Rummage & Little Tom have all the adventures. Great job.
Janean Jeffries
Janean Jeffries is the Senior Coordinator at ViacomCBS working directly with the Executive Vice President Head of Production for MTV, VH1, CMT, Paramount TV, Logo, Smithsonian Channel, MTV Studios, TVLand, Pluto TV, Comedy Central, and Pop.
Janean has over 15 years experience in the entertainment industry, giving her a broad knowledge of what executives want and need on their screens. Previously, Janean worked for Love Life Entertainment & CBS Films.


This is a gorgeous two-pager! The art really helps to immerse you in the world and you can't help but notice how vivid it is. The uniqueness of the concept and world are its strengths without a doubt.
Zach Cox
Zach Cox is a literary manager at Circle of Confusion.  Circle of Confusion is also currently producing the mega hit THE WALKING DEAD. Zach reps Richard Glatzer (QUINCEANERA, STILL ALICE with Julianne Moore), Brian Duffield (INSURGENT) and John Orloff (A MIGHTY HEART). Circle of Confusion is one of the leading management companies in Los Angeles.


The tone is reminiscent of films like WALL-E with the kind spirited storytelling of an Aardman animation piece.
Ewan Dunbar
Ewan has experience in development, international sales, acquisitions and production, working closely with TV and filmmakers over the last few years at Disrupting Influence - most recently announcing the release of the latest instalment of the successful Cities of Love franchise, Berlin, I Love You starring Helen Mirren and Kiera Knightly. Ewan has produced, developed and sold over 30 titles including Zero Tolerance starring Scott Adkins, TV series Deep Cuts and Lauda: The Untold Story.

The story was clear and concise. The format flowed well and the inspiration behind the story was a nice touch.
Skydance Media
Skydance is a diversified media company founded by David Ellison in 2010 to create high quality, event-level entertainment for global audiences. 
Skydance is currently in production on TOP GUN: MAVERICK and is in post on 6 UNDERGROUND, directed by Michael Bay and starring Ryan Reynolds.
Skydance has previously released a number of major motion pictures including ANNIHILATION, MISSION IMPOSSIBLE: FALLOUT, GEOSTORM, TERMINATOR: DARK FATE, THE HITMAN'S BODYGUARD and the 10-time Oscar-nominated, TRUE GRIT.

As an animated adventure with a real charm and personality with a resounding message about achieving friendship despite differences, "Upstart & Rummage" clearly will appeal to families.
Alex Kirschenbaum
Alex Kirschenbaum works with "Gremlins" director Joe Dante's production shingle, Renfield Production, reading and critiquing script submissions for development consideration. A legacy company, Renfield has occupied a home in every major studio in Los Angeles, with it's longest residency at the independent Warner Hollywood and most recently settled within the historic walls of Sunset Gower Studios in Hollywood, CA. Today, Renfield continues to develop, create and produce all varieties of television, film and media content under the shadow of it's same evil leaders.


Hi Graham, Love seeing how much passion and work you have put into this. The language between Upstart and Rummage is fun! I will share your website with some potentially interested parties. Keep up the good work! MARKS: 35 out of 35. WRITER: Recommend   PROJECT: Recommend
Jonny Perl
Jonny Perl is an Associate Producer with Cinemation, an animation company built by the creative minds behind Disney'sTHE LION KING, BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, THE LITTLE MERMAID, THE BRAVE LITTLE TOASTER, and THE HAUNTED MANSION, DreamWorks' & Netflix's "The Mr. Peabody & Sherman Show", STUART LITTLE, and Lionsgate's THE FORBIDDEN KINGDOM. They are currently in production on the animated feature BLAZING SAMURAI, starring Michael Cera, Samuel L Jackson, Ricky Gervais, and Mel Brooks.

The concept was fresh and original. Sounded commercial and like it would find an audience. MARKS: 35 out of 35
Julia Verdin
Julia Verdin is the Founder and President of Rough Diamond Productions & Management and is one of the leading independent producers and managers in the industry. As a producer, Rough Diamond has packaged, produced and obtained financing for over 30 critically-acclaimed projects $10M and under such as THE MERCHANT OF VENICE, STANDER, THE UNWILLING, THE LEAST AMONG YOU, TEMPTATION and 2 JACKS.