The stillness of a Market Harborough evening is disturbed by a low rumble. Who could know this would be the start of an incredible adventure that would threaten the town itself?......


Some info and unforgivable bloopers about Sequence 1..... (you may need to pause the film to see them)

As the bell tower and main roof come into shot, you may notice that some of the tiles are facing the wrong way on both.
Notice the amount of tiles on the bell tower.... there are many more when viewed from inside.
The first annotation dates the film at 1895. The phonograph with the horn was invented slightly later.
The postcards on the shelf were love letters sent by my grandad to my grandma from the trenches of the 1st world war. (Again later than 1895)
The noise of the burning spaceship was mostly from a recording I made of my log burner.
The noise of the opening hatch of the spaceship was from a small battery operated mini fan speeded up.
For the crash, I spent a very enjoyable half hour smashing roof slates and chucking pieces of wood and stones around. (I guess the neighbours thought I was trying some DIY again).
Did you notice a small hole in the bottom of the green bottle that falls down?
The old green book (that appears in several places) was an art prize I received at school when I was 9.
As the camera zooms down to the "pod" you can see what looks like a scratch on the red part. It's actually a reflection of the opening in the roof. You can see square objects floating in the opening, out of camera view. These were to break up the streaming light beams for greater effect.
The smoke you can see coming from a chimney is a separate overlay and took 2 days to render using 3 Mac Pro computers.
Total render time for this 2m 29 sec sequence was over 1500 hours (spread between 10 computers)

And there's more.... but I'll let you find them.